Spice Up Your Life With a Taste of Japan

Spice Up Your Life With a Taste of Japan

*Fun Bento Box**Cute and Natural Food From California*


Android Bento

Celebrating the soon to launch Tanoshi kids computer! 
'Tanoshii' means Fun in Japanese.
They offer Fun + Safe + Educational computer for school-age kids!
Follow them on twitter @TanoshiKids


Vegetarian "Fish" sushi bento

Tomorrow is Chilidren's day! I made koinobori bento for Japan Up! May issue.
Vegetarian 'Fish' sushi bneto :P

Koinobori is Japanese colorful carp windsocks.
Carp is a symbol of strength and success in Japan.
Japanese hang these windsocks outside for Children's Day (May 5th) to bring good luck to their kids health and success.
One set of the windsocks usually comes with 3 sizes. The big one symbolize father,
the medium one mother and the small one child.

1. Make a Japanese omelet. Or you can use a store-bought one.
2. Make 3 different sizes of oblong shapes by slicing a cucumber, omelet and red pepper. Also cut right side end as shown to create tails for fishes.
3. Make 3 small rice balls in sizes that match up well with fish pieces.  
4. Make a long thin strips with a sheet of nori seaweed as shown.
5. Place fish piece on rice and wrap with seaweed strip.
6. Create round eyes by poking a slice of cheese with a straw and other parts by cutting from a piece of nori seaweed with a seaweed puncher or scissors.


Cherry Blossom Bento

Weather is getting warm and beautiful flowers are blooming everywhere!
I'm growing organic micro-greens on a windowsill in my kitchen.
They look so happy with bright sunshine.
I have purchased edible flower seeds mix at Etsy. I think it's time to sow it now:)

I colored rice with naturally colored tart plum sesame seeds and shaped into flower shape with a mold that I purchased in Japan.

When I use smaller bento boxes, I like to press rice with this mold into a compact rice cake.
It also makes a bento very pretty:)


Omelet Rice Bento

Sneak peak at the April issue of JapanUp! magazine.
Created bunny omelet rice bento just in time for Easter :)


3 Colored Rice Balls Bento

It's hanami season!
Hanami is a Japanese way of celebrating cherry blossom season.
It is common to have a picnic under cherry blossom trees with your family or friends.

3 colored dango is a popular spring food and often eaten at hanami.
Dango is a Japanese dumplings related to mochi.
It's usually pink, white and green and it is said that each color represents sakura (cherry blossom), sweet sake and leaves.

I made rice balls looked like 3 colored dango to celebrate the beginning of March!
I colored rice with naturally colored sesame seeds. (Pink: tart plum flavor.  Grenn: green tea flavor.)
As I mix the sesame seeds with warm rice, the seeds release the beautiful color and dyed the rice.
I like the colors and the fact that it's all natural!


Hungry Dog Rice Ball Bento

Made a dog-shaped rice ball with a tofu bone for Japan Up! magazine March issue.
You could put other food in his mouth too! (karaage, vegetables)


Sushi Donuts with Furikake

Sushi donuts have been very popular on SNS and I see someone posting their sushi donuts pictures on Instagram almost every day!
Here is my take on sushi donuts using Japanese furikake, "Umami Toppers"(sold as "Tiki Toppers" in Hawaii) and tiny rice crackers, "Tobikko Arare" from Azuma Foods.
Spread a thin layer of rice on a donuts mold and arrange avocado and spicy crab meat.
Put another layer of rice to cover the ingredients,
Take out from the mold and dip the donuts in a mixture of flour and water.
Coat with furikake and/or  tobikko arare and deep fry!

on the left: Wasabi Toppers and Tobikko Arare.
on the right: Granola Toppers. (mixture of oats, dried vegetable and fruit)
on the bottom: Jut fried after dipping on the flour/water. Sprinkle Tart Plum Toppers after fried.

All flavor of Umami Toppers are free of artificial colors and preservatives.
Tobikko Arare is gluten free and roasted unlike the regular fried rice crackers on the market.
I liked the crunchiness of sushi donuts and the nutty flavor of fried Tobikko Arare!!
Great portable food and I'm ready to take these cuties to a picnic!!!


Inari Bento

Created heart shaped inari and made it look like a fox:)
Please pick up Japan Up! February issue for more detail !! (available in LA and OC area)